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Welcome to Home Smart

The Home Smart is one of the largest home improvement specialty retailers, headquartered in Medan North Sumatra, Indonesia.  The Home Smart was founded in 2005. In 2014, Home Smart has opened its second store at Rantauprapat to stay close to its prospective customers.


“Home Smart, The Right Choice For The Smart One”


“Become The Most Complete, Trustworthy, and Wide Spread Center of Building Materials in Indonesia”



  1. Provide a wide range of products from building materials to furniture with high quality and competitive prices.
  2.             Continuously educate and train our human resources, so that they are capable and competent to give the best advices to customers in making their decisions.
  3. Build and develop our products layout to give a safe and comfort atmosphere, and ease our customers while shopping in our stores.
  4. Continuously expand and add more stores to reach our markets and ease our customers to shop.
  5. Maintain good relationship with our communities, customers and all other alliances.
  6. Assist in enhancing the prosperity of Indonesia people by creating new jobs.


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